Mechanical Parts : Xpring

Use Xpring to create a extended spring model.

  • Create panel > (Geometry) > Mechanical Parts

  • ·         Then click Xpring button






Keyboard Input

X,Y,Z – position of start creation.

Radius - Sets the radius of the spring.

Diameter – Sets diameter of coil.

Turns – Number of turnss.

Creation Method rollout

Edge - Draws the object from edge to edge. You can change the center location by moving the mouse.

Center - Draws the object from the center out.

Parameters rollout

Radius1 - Sets the radius of the one of the end.

Radius2 - Sets the radius of the second of the end.

Segments - Sets the number of segments around the gear. To create a smoothly object, use a higher number of segments and turn Smooth on.


Smooth - Blends the faces of the gear, creating a smooth appearance in rendered views.


Generate Mapping Coords - Generates coordinates for applying mapped materials to the gear. Default=on.


Real-World Map Size - Controls the scaling method used for texture mapped materials that are applied to the object. The scaling values are controlled by the Use Real-World Default=off.







To create a spring:

  1. Drag the mouse to define the radius of the base of the spring. The diameter is defined as 1/5 of radius.
  2. Release the mouse button, and then move the mouse vertically to define the number of turns. 
  3. Click again to finish the spring.

Mapping texture coordinates

For an explanation of how it works, we take the square demo texture and apply it on the object with different options.

Demo tezture mapping coordinates 


"Generate Mapping Coordinates" is off. Cylindrical automatic mapping


"Generate Mapping Coordinates" is on. Texture is placed by calculated coordinates.


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