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This plugin allows you to create a ring gear in an easy and simple method. You just need one click of the mouse in viewport, move the mouse, click again, and you will get a great looking object.

Quick start


• Choose category «Mechanical Parts» under create -> geometry

• Click button «RinGear».

Controls & parameters


Draws a ring gear from edge to edge. You can change the center location by moving the mouse.


Draws a ring gear from the center out.

The Keyboard Input rollout contains a common set of position fields, labeled X, Y, Z, Radius 1, Radius 2, LengthThe numbers you enter are offsets along the axes of the active construction plane; either the home grid or a grid object. Plus and minus values correspond to positive and negative directions for these axes. Defaults=0,0,0; the center of the active grid. The location set by X and Y is equivalent to the first mouse-down position using the standard method of creating objects. 

Radius 1

Sets the inner radius of the gear.

Radius 2

Sets the outer radius of the gear.


Sets of the length of the gear .


Sets the number of vertical segments of the gear.


Sets the bend value of the ring of the gear.


Sets the twist value of the teeth of the gear.


Blends the faces of the gear, creating a smooth appearance in rendered views.

Generate Mapping Coords

Generates coordinates for applying mapped materials to the gear. Default=on.

Real-World Map Size

Controls the scaling method used for texture mapped materials that are applied to the object. The scaling values are controlled by the Use Real-World Scale settings found in the applied material's Coordinates rollout. Default=off.

Place and form of teeth of the gear.

Place = Outer, Form = Flat

The gear teeth are outside. The shape of the tooth is flat.

Place = Outer, Form = Sharp

The gear teeth are outside. The shape of the tooth is sharp.

Place = Inner, Form = Flat

The gear teeth are inside. The shape of the tooth is flat.

Place = Inner, Form = Sharp

The gear teeth are inside. The shape of the tooth is sharp.

Video guide